Chauvet Rhinos

Airbrush and sgraffito on gold sandstone 

Size approx. 11" x 12" 

I have admired these rhinos of Chauvet cave since their discovery 15 years ago, but hesitated to recreate them because I thought their naturalistic style would be difficult to render on stone. It was just as tricky as I feared. It blows my mind that the original cave art is around 30,000 years old, yet looks absolutely modern in execution and was done on an unforgiving stone wall in the dark. Most of the paintings in Chauvet cave, including these rhinos are black. Grey was made by thinning the paint, rubbing off some pigment, or mixing stone scrapings together, for an affect that looks like it was done in art class on rag paper rather than on raw rock.

Although my paintings are much smaller than the originals, I strive to use the same pigments and techniques as the early artists did, hand-painting, rubbing, and carving into the surface of the stone. 

To see a photo of the original painting, click here.


Airbrush, brush and sgraffito on sandstone that shimmers in bronze and silver

Size approx. 13.75" x 21.5" 



Airbrush, brush and sgraffito on mica-sandstone 

This is a big, gorgeous piece of sandstone with a shimmery gold-bronze majority and an earthy matte base for the rhinos.

Size approx. 12" x 14.25" 


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