Anubis, that party animal


Original done in gouache, and colored ink on illustration board. I've taken hieroglyphic symbols out of the picture to simplify the design and emphasis the art. I've always loved the color palette and clean lines in Egyptian art, and explored it for quite a while before traveling even further back in time. There really is a tomb painting (from the Noble Anher-Khaou) with three jackel-headed gods looking like they were holding balloons that got away, so I went back in time before the party ended.

All prints are on 8.5" by 11" (21.59 cm 27.94 cm) 
acid-free archival art paper with archival inks.
 The fancy name for them is Giclée. 
Edition of only 200 for each. 
All prints are $25 each. 
Contact me for a multiple print discount.

Egyptian Art Prints
Egyptian Art Prints

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